Sorrow, Wisdom and Knowledge

The end of true knowledge and true wisdom is sorrow. We live in a world of mortal men whose flesh is weak. These mortals will rarely set aside their lust and greed even when reason dictates so. A curse then falls upon those who can reason. All your reasoning and arguments will come to naught. Your flesh will have to succumb to the might of those who refuse to reason. It is then that the conflict between your mortal self and your mind begins.



Your flesh will have to accept what your mind will never be at peace with. You can train your flesh to accept pain and endure punishment but you cannot train your mind to be oblivious to reasoning. This will be the beginning of your sorrows. This does happen occasionally but daily and so, if you are not sorrowful on a daily then you have some wisdom but you are not truly wise. If you find that, your mind is often content with what is happening all around you no matter where you are then your level of true knowledge is severely limited.

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