There Are Those Who Will Never Find Peace


There are those among us who will never find peace. They will never accept who they were, who they are and who they can be. Their one and true path is the path into the abyss, a darkness of the soul. It is not that they lack the discipline to forge new ways but it is that they are intent on ignoring all possible ways other than that of oblivion.

The most difficult moment for us is to know when we should let go. Misery loves company and such people rarely choose to sink into the abyss alone. These people seek war in times of peace, discord in times of harmony and destruction in times of rebuilding. They choose a path guided by pain, watched over by suffering and trodden by fear.

It is not that these people have been through a lot. No, those who chose to be nothing cannot blame their past when their past is what has made them something in this monotonous world. To live is a choice that your make anew each and everyday.

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