The US Supreme Court Ruling on DOMA Is Ill Informed


We must distinguish a rite from the general basket of human rights. All men should and must have equal opportunities to rights but not all men are entitled to certain rites. In the same way, all homosexuals are entitled to legally accepted unions but they are not entitled to marriages, which are a fundamental rite for heterosexual couples. Conversely, heterosexuals should not be entitled to civil unions.

Each set of companionship has its own uniqueness that gives rise to the evolution of different rites more or less, as each Indian tribe operating in different environments. In each environment, the different Indian tribes have their own unique set of cultures and values. This gives rise to different rites of passage.

No Indian tribe can enforce itself on the rite of another Indian tribe. It should instead develop its own rite and flourish on its own. This is because the operating environment, the unique set of changes, the culture, the values and the historical context of one Indian tribe will never be same as that of other Indian tribes.  

The Supreme Court Ruling on DOMA is ill informed.  It lacks a clear understanding of the intricacies involved in marriage legislation but it is laden with overtones of populist mentality. It is an unfortunate turn of events.

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