The Tale of the Two Cities in the Plains and the Village on the Plateau

There was once a people all of one blood but of different ambition. They had been given land as vast and as rich as you could ever imagine. Each among them was free to choose where to stay. Some chose to stay on the plains, others chose to stay on the plateau above the plains.

There are those who chose the plains close to the river. They founded a city based on farming. There are those who choose the plains close to the iron mines. There they founded a city based on conquest by their warriors. Those who choose to head for the plateau were only able to build a village. This was because the road to the plateau was treacherous and so not many people survived the journey.


The head of the village was a chief. The respective heads of the two cities were both kings. It so happened that the chief could see much of what happens in the plains and beyond. The chief saw a powerful army amassing near the boundaries of the land given unto this people. He could also see that the two cities were at odds with each other.

One city always had a good harvest while the other always had a good stock of iron mines. The chief then went to both cities and asked them to end their feud. He warned them of the impending danger. He told them that they must strengthen each other.

However, things did not go as the chief expected. The first city claimed that it had enough food to outlast an advancing army. The other city claimed that it had enough weapons to fend off any approaching army. The two cities were both wrong but they would not listen to a chief who only commands a mere village.

The chief bought up as much food and weapons as he could from both cities. He then went to the plains and built up his people’s defenses. The advancing army came and quickly overran the two cities which offered little resistance. The organization, skills and tactics of the advancing army were too much for each city.

The time came for the advancing army to move up the plateau. Only the village stood in the way of total conquest. The enemy tried as much as he could to breach the defense of the village but he could not. It was too well prepared and its place on the terrain was too problematic for the advancing army.

The village was costing the enemy too many men. The advancing army then became content with the easy spoils of war. To them the two cities had provided enough bounty. It therefore decided to sue for peace.

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