Homosexuality: A Critique of its Natural Basis

And then there came a time when only three people were left on this earth. It happened that two of these three were men while the last was a woman. Food was scarce and they had to make a choice on who they had sacrifice, in the hope that the rainy season would soon come and find the rest who would then be able to survive till then.

The two men had been lovers since their youth while the woman was a person unknown to the two men. The choice fell upon one of the men. Which choice should he make? Should he choose his lover or an unknown woman?


Let us assume that this man chooses to save the woman over his lover what then should happen? Should the young man stay true to his lover or should he begin the delicate process of restoring humanity on the earth?

Nature is built as a self generating mechanism. It needs no conscience, decisions and/or logic to perpetuate itself. It is complete as it is. The decision, the process and the idea of what is required is always clear. The sensual nature of man must lead us to an obvious conclusion, the perpetuation of life. Any other conclusion goes against the natural processes of plants, animals, man and even gods and is therefore unnatural.

It can then be said that homosexuality is a choice not a natural occurrence. One is not born a homosexual; one chooses to be a homosexual. It is a direct symptom of a free mind in a perverted world. It is not a matter of genes and nature. It is a choice so obscene to the nature that its propagation would automatically lead to the cessation of life to the very extent of its perpetuation.

In the abstract social model above, it is clear that homosexuality is a genuine threat to humanity. The model shows what happens every time a man would choose another man over a woman. Every time it happens, the future of our society and our humanity is put in peril.

Homosexuality must not be allowed to propagate itself in this society or in any society for that matter. There can be no love between men in the romantic sense. There is only love between men and women for nature decrees that life must continue. All else is vanity.

There is no decision point for a man when it comes to a man over a woman. Thousands upon thousands of years of evolution have left us with one beautiful and natural conclusion, there is only a woman. There is only life. The natural order of things exists for a reason. Human vanity exists for another. Always choose humanity over vanity no matter how vain your soul becomes.

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