What is Success? The Truth!

Many people speak of success and I am sure that you do too. But, have you ever asked yourself what success really is? There are those who admire people living in Kitisuru. This is success to them. Then there are those who admire men who change society, influence human thinking and spur development. This is success to them. However, for me none of this even comes close to success.


In the case of Kitisuru, true success would be to buyout the entire area and turn it into either a pigsty or a huge forest. The choice of either two depends on your real sentiments on these areas as opposed to your expressed sentiments about the same. You should choose a pigsty if you detest the idea of such areas vis-à-vis the status of the general population and you should choose a playground if you are indifferent to the idea of such areas.

It would then be said that a century of development, hard work and dominance over an entire city was nothing more than just a pigsty or playground to you. Is there any success greater than that?

Another avenue of true success in the Kitisuru case would be to carve out your own version of Kitisuru from complete nothingness or to retrofit a broken down neighborhood to surpass what is now Kitisuru and stay ahead of it. It would then be said that you have done in a decade what took a century to do. Is there any success greater than that?


One thing is clear; you can never be a success by being a conformist. You cannot join a society that does not accept you as you are now, as you were then or as you maybe in future.  The people accept a successful king in victory, defeat and even when he is dead. Those who will not accept you as you are at one time in your life are not your people; they will never be your people. How then can you be a success when you are alien? When you are an impostor? When you are far removed from those who would call you brother and/or sister no matter you situation?

In the latter case, success to me would be much like Romulus and Remus, the men who founded Rome. These men defied the odds, they built a new society, they in fact changed the destiny of humanity. These men enjoyed the status of gods among their people then and even do so now. If you view success by how much you would change society then you must accept the following; that is, there is no influence on man or no change as great in humanity as that brought forth by a god. If you will never be raised to a god like status then you will never be a true success in this particular case. So was Einstein successful, was Isaac Newton or was Aristotle since they were never worshiped as gods then and now? The more enlightening question is in fact, did they set out to change the world or did they set out to change themselves? To prove to themselves that what they hold as belief in their own person can actually be achieved.


In both cases of Kitisuru and in the case of changing society you are a failure. This is because you will only obtain a degree i.e. a small part of what others have already achieved. Do not kid yourself, success is by its very nature and definition comparative. Therefore, if you measure your success by how much wealth you can accumulate or how much society will respect your new insights, ways and/or teachings then you will forever remain a failure. Why go for the fruit when you can have the tree. Is he with the fruit not a failure for he is subject to the other one, the one who holds the right to the tree?

To avoid being a failure or achieving mediocre success you focus on what is truly success. We can never have enough and we cannot be gods. There is only One God. He reigns over heaven and earth. But, we can see Him out and we can find Him. Only a handful of men, regardless of what the numbers in churches and mosques tell you, have ever actually found God. He does not live in the Bible, Quran, philosophy and/or science. He is The Truth. He is everywhere, He is nowhere. He is the beginning. He is the end. He is space. He is time.

True success is seeing what is actually important, finding it and feasting on its pleasures. Truth springs eternal an it waters quench even the mother of all thirsts. Success is nothing more than the discovery of truth. Truth is found within.


The Holy Books, the sages, the philosophy and the sciences are only but guides to what lies within. Success, in this sense still remains comparative i.e. not all men will find the truth. In contrast, success in this sense, is no longer competitive i.e. you would also want others to discover it in equal measure or to an even greater extent than you once you have found it.

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4 thoughts on “What is Success? The Truth!

  1. What is success?..it said that your perception is your reality..this article in addresses this in a spiritual context I believe?..am I wrong?..

    • You may actually be right but it depends… what if all that is reality in the practical sense is but fallacy? Perhaps, its all a false and cruel joke our senses play on us. In that case, reality which is the truth, may only be that which is spiritual and therefore my perception would in fact be our reality. However, its all if… nothing is proven yet.

    • Bev… those are truly profound words of great wisdom. I shall be meditating upon them for years to come.

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