Uhuru’s Tribal Cabinet?

  • First Argument


I was never a pro at arithmetic so please tell me if I am wrong… if we have 42 tribes in Kenya then shouldn’t the posts go around the 42 tribes without any repetition and then again… if we only have 17 posts aren’t there supposed to be 25 communities that are left out and only 17 represented… but this is Kenya isn’t it, where just two tribes occupy over 40% of all Cabinet positions!


  • Second Argument

Its true, we should be concerned with the meritocracy of the appointments as opposed to the tribe of those being appointed. However, there is the assumption that those appointing use a similar criterion. When meritocracy is guided then it becomes disguised mischief and all mischief must be pointed out. Furthermore, when a lack of representation has long been our problem then a continued misrepresentation, whether guided or not exacerbates the problem.


Affirmative action or positive discrimination does help whether its in favor of blacks in the US, women in Islamic countries or seemingly less important tribes here in Kenya. Affirmative action is in fact the only feasible way the world over, next to all out revolution, to turn the tide against historical injustices when the status quo cleverly clings to guided meritocracy so as to maintain what is essentially their stranglehold on society.


  • Third Argument

If it is a matter of population representation of then the Kikuyu (17%) & Kalenjins (13%) should have 30% of the total cabinet positions not close to 50%. If it is a matter of the 50%+1vote then Uhuru is no more than a liar for did he not say that the elections are behind us and he will be a president of Kenyans and not those who voted for him. There is no leader as dangerous as he that plots while telling lies to his people.


If it is a matter of entitlement then I dare say that no tribe and/or person is entitled to any public position paid for by voters and non voters alike unless he or she is an elected public official. If it is a matter of democracy then I dare say that there is no democracy in a majority dictatorship. Democracy and dictatorship (of any kind) are mutually exclusive concepts.

If it is a matter of education then you must realize that university educated is skewed in favor of the rich and that people go for courses they know work. They know this through experience (either their own, a close friend’s or a relative’s experience). You must then question how this experience comes about work, is it really business acumen or skewed government policies? (e.g. in terms of contracts,infrastructure,credit access,proximity to 60% of Kenya’s GDP etc.)

If it is a matter of capacity vis-a-vis affirmative action then you must never forget that systems of governance are self perpetuating. You may have capacity far above another but the systems in place favor your inferior. Affirmative action is not there to ensure the success of an inferior candidate but to counter act the negative aspects of a self perpetuating system that puts an inferior in your stead.


Finally, an ideal is a direction not a destination. A step in the wrong direction is a step therefore devoid of any ideal. In conclusion, UhurRuto have made no step towards the ideal by constituting a more or less tribal cabinet.

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