Just a Thought

  • First Thought

People have different perspectives on almost everything in life. For instance, some look at Uhuru Kenyatta and see a president, I look at Uhuru Kenyatta and see an ICC suspect. None of us is wrong. I am not arguing against your perspective so why are you so incensed with mine. The goal of any tolerant mind is to respect the perspectives of others but most importantly the goal of an enlightened spirit is to be incensed with lies and not intolerant to the truth.


  • Second Thought

If the ancient Athenians awoke from their slumber today and a mischievous soul lied to them that Kenya is the only democracy left in the world then I would not at all be surprised if all of them committed suicide soon after being lied to. There is no democracy in dictatorship regardless of whether its a dictatorship of the majority, of a family dynasty or of a single tyrant. What we have today in Kenya is a ticking time bomb. The arrogance of tribalism has made us comfortable with it. We foolishly believe that all is well just as long as the timer on the bomb keeps on ticking. Majuto ni mjukuu.

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