Catholics for Choice!

Catholics for Choice… that’s cute! Real, real cute! There was a poor man who came to hear of an enchanted island filled with treasures that would take a thousand years to value. This man told his best friend about the island but when his best friend heard about it, he profusely warned him against going there.


What do you think should be this man’s first question to his best friend after such a strong warning? Should the man ask his best friend, ‘Why don’t you want me to be wealthy?’ or should the man ask his best friend, ‘Of what dangers have you heard of on that island and how should we protect ourselves should those dangers ever find their way to our shores?’


You see, the first question you ask yourself when you hear of Catholics against contraceptives, abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality betrays your heart. It tells of whether you heart of of this world or a heart after God’s own heart. Always remember that Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Life. There can be no additions and/or subtractions to His teachings.All life is precious, given unto us by God and it is only He who has the right to take it.


The Catholic Church cannot reform by conforming to contemporary worldly beliefs and tenets but rather the Catholic Church can only reform by going back to the teachings of Christ as taught by Christ Himself, as spoken by Christ to His Disciples and more specifically, to His Successor, Peter close to two thousand years ago.

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