All Kenyans are Thieves?

“On March 4 Kenyans went to the polls and elected the 349 men and women in this House. If they are thieves, it is the Kenyan people who are thieves. If they are greedy, it is the Kenyan voters who are greedy,” – Leader of the Majority Aden Duale as he defended the petition filed by Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi in Parliament on May 2nd 2013.


‘All Kenyans are thieves because they voted in thieves’ is a bit of an overstatement. For instance, it assumes that voters had perfect information as regards the intention of their MPs. The fact that most voters voted in new MPs could be a pointer to a need by these same voters to uproot as many thieves as possible from Parliament.


Again, these voters may have foolishly believed that the heads of these respective parties i.e. Uhuru & Raila etc. had good intentions and as such would keep their people in check. I would say however, that the focus of most Kenyans was not on ending corruption but on which tribal kingpin is in power.


The lieutenants only had to make their case based on two things;

1) How much they will support their tribal chief

2) How they will bring change in the community.


Hence most Kenyans voted for change in their community (not Kenya) but at first voted for whoever would support their tribal chief. The problem is that nothing good can come from the devil’s hand. The lieutenants’ support for a tribal chieftain indicates an inherent lack of morals and therefore a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In conclusion, Kenyans are tribalists not thieves. Tribalism is a corruption of moral values and so gives way to a corruption of our social systems and institutions.  It nurtures weak and hypocritical leadership and thus inadvertently facilitates the growth of corruption and unchecked plunder of public resources.


You may also want to view the following meme. Please click on the link below to find out more.


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