The Supreme Court Decision: Why Is This Politician Worth Dying For?

Today, the Supreme Court of Kenya will give an historic ruling on the legitimacy of the President elect, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Things may go Kenyatta’s way or may fail to do so. Our actions as a people representing our own interests and those of others close to us will determine the kind of future our children will have.

We All Need Peace!
We All Need Peace!

We determine a good childhood not so much so in the form of material possessions but more so in the form of cherished memories. If would not be just for any of us who have lived in relative peace to plunge our future generations into a world of anarchy.

We protect and guard tomorrow not so that we can enjoy the spoils of today but so that our children may live in a world where they can experience life and become a meaningful part of society. Those who have truly lived, whether in want or in luxury, will argue that the undeniable need for the survival and continuance of those close to us far outweighs the gains of awarding positions to our tribal chieftains. This argument will forever hold true.

If a politician cannot make me go back in time and correct my wrongs, right my excesses or speak words that shall otherwise forever remain unspoken then why is this politician worth fighting for? If a politician does not put the lives of my family, my friends and my colleagues first then why is this politician worth dying for?


We are all human and to the grave we must go. While we live we can only pray to fight for what is just and what is true. The truth lies in our children. Our children’s memories must not be filled with soldiers on the streets, blood on the doorsteps of their homes or cries of other children burning.

Their memories must instead be memories of enlightenment, fulfillment and prosperity. We cannot achieve this by fighting for those who know us not or demonstrating for those who care nothing for the lives their selfish cause will take.

Let us learn to live, let us learn to cherish our memories, let us learn to live each day as if it were our last. Let not the words of warmongers enter our ears but let the beauty of today shine forever in our hearts.

I share this with you so that you may look inside yourself and find your own story, so that you remember your own day of peace. Hold on to that moment, never let go of that day. Do not heed to the call of politicians as they call you out to war. You must not only resist such calls but you must also pay homage to those you care about and shout even louder at the politician. You must voice your support for peace. We must all respect and accept the verdict that we all swore to abide by.

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