Samuel Kivuitu Has Died: What Kenyans and Our Politicians Should Learn From His Death

We Cannot Escape Death

Each and every man is afraid of death yet to die is a must. We cannot escape death for we stand condemned by the sins of our first ancestor. It falls upon each and every man to adorn the colors of life and live the best he can. Man at a point in his life is compulsorily called upon to rid himself of these colorful clothes and return to his Maker as he had come into this world.


The same has come to pass for Samuel Kivuitu who was was born in 1939. Samuel Kivuitu was educated in both Uganda and Tanzania. He was the MP for Parkland from 1969 to 1974. He also served in the same sit from 1983 to 1988. Samuel Kivuitu took over the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) from 1997 to 2007. In this time span he oversaw three presidential elections and one referendum.

Sadly, Samuel Kivuitu died on the 25th of February at the MP Shah Hospital. The cause of death was a long hard fought battle against throat cancer.

How We Live Determines How Others Will Remember Us

He who gave you life demands that you should return it. He gives out pieces of silver and demands the same portion of silver in return. It is how you invest the silver during your lifetime that matters. Your ingenuity or lack of it in the use of these silver pieces shall then determine how you shall live in the afterlife or so I think. Only your Maker knows what is in your heart but men will be remember you for your faults rather than for your successes.

As head of the ECK, Samuel Kivuitu oversaw the 2005 referendum. It was the stage for a grand duel between the ‘Banana’ and ‘Orange’ camps. This duel was to set the stage for a titanic battle between two opposing camps in the 2007 presidential elections.


It was Samuel Kivuitu’s controversial handling of these elections that most people believe led to the 2008 Post Election Violence that was witnessed in Kenya.

We Always Have an Opportunity to Make Things Right As Long As We Live

Despite the many colors of life many people chose to adorn dull and unattractive colors. It is to these people that an opportunity to put on new coats is presented to them when their time here on earth nears its end. All the burdens of past mistakes, indiscretions and lies can be lifted. Truly, one can be born anew. Anything less than new coats of conscience and truth will make their life incomplete. It is only that washes away the dust and dirt that controversies usually conjure up. He that is without truth is without life.


We must step back and think of all those who have had the opportunity to tell the truth but never did.  George Saitoti was our Minister of Finance and Vice President when the Goldenberg Scandal was at its peak. He died in June 2012 without revealing any new details about the scandal.

James Kanyotu was Kenya’s longest serving spy chief. He probably knew more secrets about the Moi and Kenyatta regime than anyone else in Kenya but he died at the age of 71 with no new information on political murders, corruption cases and hidden scandals within the Moi and Kenyatta regime.

There are so many who have died without telling it all that I cannot for the sake of brevity mention them all.

Why People Never Speak the Truth Even At Their Deathbed

So why have the opportunity to clear the air on sensitive issues but does one not take? Why would anyone remain numb when destiny and a new age call for him or her to shout at the top of the mountain top?

One answer may possible be fear. It is indeed a powerful motivator. It can cause even the most turgid of leaves to turn flaccid in seconds. Most people on their deathbed would think of their family, friends and reputation. ‘How will the world remember me? How will my friends, foes and acquaintances treat those I leave behind? More often than not Kenyans who are in a position of truth but ask these sort of question opt to remain silent. They believe that by keeping silent their loved ones will remain as they were or even better off after their death.

Others simply choose not to speak because they are ignorant of their immortal state. Years of their cronies’ sycophancy and the rush of power derived from the fear they strike in their enemies make them think that they are immune to death. They will thus not speak because they do not believe that they will die. After all, they have been exercising the power of life and death over the Kenyans people ever since they took over office.

The Power over Life and Death


The post election violence in 2008 over the disputed 2007 Presidential Election Results resulted into the deaths of about 1,300 people with over 600,000 others displaced. Among the 1,300 people were 35 people who were killed inside the sanctuary of a church that was turned ablaze by a group of marauding youth.

Samuel Kivuitu officiated over the 2007 Presidential Elections. No senior politician or government official has ever been arrested or convicted of any crimes that lead up to the post election violence or for crimes that took place during the two months of the violence. The power over life and death!

We Must Speak the Truth to Lighten Our Load for Our Journey into the Afterlife

To not speak the truth is to encourage anarchy. To persist with lies is to bring about discord and to hide the truth is to facilitate war. Those who fear to speak should know that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Those who believe that they are immortal should be made aware of their immortality. Even the Emperors of Rome and Persia who ruled a thousand nations succumbed to the unforgiving blow of death.

Many have died and many more are to die. In death our legacy should be reborn and our life retold with and by the truth. There is no other way. The truth should be told at your deathbed. It is the only way to be right with man and God.

This is my message to all those who have secrets in their public and private life. Be true to yourself and those around you. At your deathbed is your final moment to speak what is unknown and make people aware of what was never spoken.

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