Is Israel The Catalyst For The Fall Of Man?

Israel as a nation and as a state has since its formation forever been a controversial topic on the world stage. There has been no year of peace, no month of harmony and no day of accord between all of Israel and all of Palestine since the 14th of  May 1948. There has always been war, there has always been blood.


The very existence of Israel is in itself a matter of constant debate. The debate is as always emotive.  Some people consider the existence of the Jewish State alone as a reason to go to war. These people take up arms against their fellow man to either to defend or to destroy the Jewish State. Nuclear weapons in the Middle East have only raised the stakes but the intention to go to war over Israel by all states in and around the Middle East including Israel itself has always been there.

We cannot deny what is true. To deny the truth is to deny God for God is the source of all truth. He is in fact the Truth. War has always been at the heart and mind of each State in the Middle East, it is only the preparation and recovery from war that has served to delay and limit armed conflicts.

This tiny almost negligible piece of earth is often cited as the epicenter of man’s redemption and likewise, the catalyst for man’s fall. The Torah, the Bible and the Quran all predict the imminent doom of humanity in a war for God that either involves or revolves around the Jewish State and especially, the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Is war over Israel inevitable? Is it sanctioned by God? Has God not already condemned us to war, desolation and destruction? If indeed the end of man has been written on stone tablets in heaven and here on earth then why should be exhaust ourselves with debates and arguments? Can we, mere mortals alter the course of our destiny as written by God himself?

In Africa a child is taught never to cry over split milk. I believe that the milk has not yet been split. We must become immune to the negative aspects of both religion and atheism. We can teach the world new wisdom, we can show the world a new way and we can create a new era of understanding in the world.

Let us not taint our souls with the blood of millions who have already died in the name of God. We must not succumb to the excesses of the world but instead we must embrace life, family and love.

We have long suffered at the hands of the righteous in the name of righteousness. We shall suffer no more. We have killed ourselves and our families in the hope of entering heaven when God has given us this earth as a test for acceptance. Are we to enter heaven by bringing about war and anarchy here on earth? No man becomes righteous by taking the breath out of s/he who God has given life.

If we cannot bring peace then what is the purpose of bearing children? If we cannot create one more day of understanding then why do have the ability to communicate? If we cannot have one more hour of compassion then why have hearts? If we cannot celebrate one more minute of humanity then why live? Are we only here to delay the inevitable, to delay our deaths or that of our children?

It is time to approach all the world’s issues with a sense of sobriety. A conscious mind in such troublesome times guided by a heart that loves humanity is what we need. Let there be peace all over the world between the Jew, the Catholic, the Protestant and the Muslim. Let these lambs of God’s children spread the love of God to all other men.

There is only one God and He too watches us as we kill, maim and bleed those He has created and those He loves. Let us do it no more.

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