The Kenyan Voter Spells Doom for the Kenyan Nation

Most men will only accept the truth when it favors them. Similarly, most men will only choose to reason if and only if, the argument is going in their favor. This is also true when it comes to the Kenyan voter.  The Kenyan voter cannot accept defeat at the ballot box. The Kenyan voter’s team cannot lose an election; it can only be rigged out.


The Kenyan voter will always claim victory for his or her team even before the election is over. It is as if victory is guaranteed. It is almost as if the other team has given up and is simply waiting to lose.

– What more is there to a Kenyan voter?

The Kenyan voter simply dismisses the corrupt past of his or her leader as mere propaganda and witch hunting by the opposing team. The Kenyan voter continuously ridicules the leaders of the opposing team and then shouts, ‘hate speech’ when his or her leader is ridiculed. The Kenyan voter pulls out maps and figures of tribal blocs when he or she feels insecure and dares to think that his or her team may not win.

– So what should the Kenyan voter do?

The Kenyan voter should not vote at any cost with such a mindset. It would better for the nation if the Kenyan voter would forsake this duty rather than bring shame upon it.

The Kenyan voter should instead be thoroughly educated on this sacred exercise and what it means for our nation. Many people think that casting their ballot will do us good. However, the good it would bring is debatable. A good blackboard, some chalk and an honest teacher would do wonders for us if not miracles. The benefit of an educated population on this particular exercise even without voting is indisputable.

– What are voters doing around the world?

They are looking at issues affecting their society, they are criticizing their leaders’ track records, they are deposing of despots and giving rise to states men, they are taking a stand against impunity and encouraging freedom.

Meanwhile the Kenyan voter at the fireplace, salon, market, bar or just outside the local shop becomes an on the spot professor in tribal arithmetic voter.

– Where does the Kenyan voter get his or her tribal sentiments from?

The Kenyan father tells his children of how particular tribes should not rule Kenya, the Kenyan mother forbids her daughter from ever dating a Kenyan from a certain tribe, the Kenyan elder speaks to his tribesmen of the need for tribal unity and the Kenyan youth lies to himself/herself that to vote for his or her tribe will help him or her secure wealth and opportunity.

– When all is said and done

It is sad that even though the Kenyan voter who harbors such a mindset should not vote, he or she will by all means vote. It is also sad that even though the Kenyan voter should be educated before voting gets underway the truth is that he or she will not be educated.

And so my friends, while America builds ships that have land on Mars, while China turns into an economic superpower, while South Africa becomes a beacon of prosperity and while Singapore continues to shine worldwide we here in Kenya will pat ourselves on the back for either building one more Thika Road or for growing at 5% in the next five years.

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