The Catholic Church in a Liberal World



The Catholic Church is the last remaining refuge of Christianity. Indeed the Church preaches Christianity as it was taught during the time of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Church has been the central source of Christian dogma for nearly two millenniums. It has survived this long through continuous renewal and reinvention. This renewal and reinvention has not been achieved by a change in its core teachings. These teachings are based on truth and truth cannot and should not be altered. The Church’s renewal and reinvention has been achieved by changing the perspective of men and women who are naturally averse to the truth.

The Catholic Church cannot change its core teachings for these teachings were not only taught at the time of the Christ but were also taught by Christ himself. This is why he who stands as the Bishop of Rome also stands as the Vicar of Christ.

Though Rome can be moved the Church cannot. It lives in the hearts and mind of the people, Catholic and non – Catholic alike.

Today, the world embraces a liberal philosophy and looks to the Bishop of Rome to lead all Catholics in embracing these new ways. However, the Bishop of Rome and all true Catholics look to Christ in remembrance of His promise. The promise that His Word will never pass away. However, all other things in this world shall come to pass.

In conclusion, the Catholic Church will not change to suit a liberal world. Instead, the liberal world should for its own sake, change to suit the teachings of the Gospel of Christ.

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