The African Is a Peculiar Political Animal

“The African is a peculiar political animal. When tethered to a pole it will run in circles trying to break free, choking itself while pursuing a futile attempt. It will never accept the fact that to free itself it must at first escape its own folly by unlocking the rope that holds it. It is our values that will choke us not the presence or absence of degrees” – Nahashon Kimemia

Waititu has won TNA against one Jimna Mbaru. The educated especially degree holders are in an uproar. They believe that Jimna Mbaru, a highly educated man would have made a difference. A man who was head of the NCPB and running for political office on a party whose founder is both a tribal king and an ICC suspect. These degree holders expected a lot from Jimna Mbaru. I did not. In fact, I expect more from Waititu. 

You may also want to read the following quote. Please click on the link below to find out more.


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