What Is Happiness?

“Happiness is the last destination for any man. You are fulfilled every time that you are happy. Any man who departs from us without ever being happy remains for eternity a man unfulfilled. He becomes a wandering soul, searching for an end that will never come.” – Nahashon Kimemia.

“Truth unlike justice and temperance is not a virtue. It has no perspectives, it is absolute. It has no ending, it has no beginning. It is there. Happiness based on truth is never-ending. It will live for eternity” – Nahashon Kimemia.

A friend of mine was sad. It must have been a frustrating day I thought. So I became sympathetic. My friend ought to rejoice and be happy but then I realized that many people do not understand what happiness truly is and neither do I. Then a light bulb went off. All things come from truth and as such so must happiness. 

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