A Degree Is Irrelevant As a Test of True Leadership

“Wisdom in leadership is more desirable than knowledge. A degree is proof of knowledge of things but not proof of wisdom. Therefore a degree is irrelevant in the test for true leadership.” – Nahashon Kimemia.

“Wisdom is an absolute, it can exist in the absence of knowledge. However, knowledge must at first be preceded by wisdom and then supported by it. Therefore one does not need to have knowledge of things to be wise. But, to be knowledgeable one must at first rely on either his own wisdom or the wisdom of others.” – Nahashon Kimemia.

Margaret Wanjiru has just been denied the right to vie for the post of Nairobi governor due to a lack of credible university papers. Whether or not she tried to intentionally misled the public is yet to be known. However, she has come under a lot of fire for her apparent lack of education  Most people have gone as far as claiming that to be a leader you must at first have a university degree. I happen to think that in leadership having a degree is irrelevant.  

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