What is the difference between monkeys and You?

Clear differences between monkeys and people

1) Monkeys jump from tree to tree to find the best spot, people make a stand despite the odds.

2) Monkeys thump their chests & make horrid noise to get their way,people debate and argue to get theirs.

3) Monkeys support the Alpha male i.e. the male monkey poised to win any fight,people support ideals and vision.

4) Monkeys would do anything for food,people would do anything for what they believe is right.

Now, lets take a look at Kenyan politics.

1) Party hopping to get the best deal

2) Political insults and threats

3) support for likely winners and exchange of votes for cash/food.

Re-examine who you are and ask yourself? Is there really a difference between monkeys and Africans? If so, is there a difference between a monkey and you?

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