We Need To Stop Being Cheeky; A Lot Is Still To Be Done

Does anybody even remember that there were contentious issues in the 2010 constitution? We were rendered lame by the 1963 constitution and we were later reborn by the 2010 constitution.

However, though we look prettier and we no longer have a limb fatal flaws were placed in our genetic make-up and even though genetic diseases take time to manifest themselves, they always do!

What baffles most is that those who were at the forefront of bringing in this new constitution are the same ones that are slowly hacking it to pieces. And those who purport to support it are actually political opportunists who conveniently choose to fight for it or not.

You see, Kenyans voted yes but they were cheeky about it. ‘We’ll change it they said!’ all the while knowing that they will not lift a finger to do so. But he who is dishonest with his friends is also dishonest with himself.

Kenyans cheated themselves and at this time they are only a few of us who actually read the constitution, understood its principles and are now fighting for it.

They are even fewer of us who understood the importance of fully supporting the foundation and structure of the 2010 constitution before we embark on making the necessary changes to the contentious issues in this constitution.

We stop being cheeky in our conversations, dealings and assertions. We must mean what we say and say what we mean. There is only one Kenya and a lot to be done, a lot to be corrected and a new way towards peace, hope and prosperity to be plotted.

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