Change in Kenya will only come from You!

It is a common sentiment echoed all over the country that for true change to come it requires the complete overhaul of our political system, a change of guard in our leadership and the introduction of a new generation of youthful leaders. This is true but caution is advised.

The Kenyan flag. Since independence it has been the greatest symbol of hope, unity and pride for the Kenyan People.

The Kenyan flag. Since independence it has been the greatest symbol of hope, unity and pride for the Kenyan People.

Every Kenyan will always say at one time or another that Kenya must do away with the system of patronage, impunity and corruption. However, this system is not unique to our political environment but is evident in all sectors of our society. These sectors include but are not limited to; the church, the civil society, the media, our institutions of higher learning, our corporations and our own small private businesses.

This then brings us to a sad reality, a realization that our system, a system that so oppresses us is in fact all around us. The perpetrators of injustice are not only our politicians but our chiefs, our clergy, the civil society, our colleagues and our business leaders. Indeed your father, your sister, your friend or even you might just be part and parcel of the system. Who knows, perhaps you derive your daily bread, your school fees or your profits from it?

Is it then conceivable that you would actively, with determination and conviction fight against this system? Will you fight for change even though it might force you to fight it from within your innermost circles, to fight it from quarters so close to you that it would pain you physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically to do so? Would you fight your own ways, your own culture and your own tribe to bring change? Would you change who you are, how you think and how you view life just to see a new dawn in Kenya? My good friend, heed my words: Change In Kenya Will Only Come From You. Look within for the solution. Look not at the podium or the pulpit for answers. Those who stand there only look at their stomachs, they just to eat more and then in a couple of years they will come back looking for you to feed them!

“You must become the change you want to see in the world” – Mohandas Gandhi

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