“Ain’t tryin’ to stick around for the Illuminati” – Dr. Dre

Just watched a short documentary film on Illuminati. Quite convincing except for the fact that it lacks a conceptual understanding of Hip Hop, causes for the rise of the same and the history of Hip Hop! It lacks any acceptable form of analysis of information. It mystified wealth and the wealthy. It twists religion to suit personal convictions. It mirrors sentiments of worry and erosion of belief.


If Illuminati is real, then I believe the all seeing eye maybe some giant corporation esp. Google or some military intelligence surveillance system, the false prophets may be some well-known religious leader and the end time as always, remains unknown.

If Hip Hop is part of it then it’s just a smokescreen, a diversionary tactic as a silent empire masses its troops. Keep the faith. Stand true to your beliefs. There will be countless theories and endless conspiracies. Keep your eye on the prize… salvation. It has now become a fad among rappers to show signs of Illuminati in their videos and songs since it brings controversy and increases their sales. The focus on Illuminati and not on the love of Jesus by Christians is harmful to Christianity. It destroys more than it protects. (Please note that this affects all religions I’m just particular on Christianity.

If a child is listening to Eminem then it is quite simple, he is most likely disturbed by some social problem and feels the need to relate to someone who is rebelling against the system. It does not help to tell the child that Eminem is the Devil yet part of the rebellion maybe against religion. By criticizing and demonizing another person do you spread any more love but God is love. Instead, understand his problem, get him to listen to more uplifting messages and statements from you and from others around you. Show him the love of Jesus. It’ll work, I guarantee that. The Love of Jesus is too great to resist! He may even start praying for Eminen. He’ll understand why his friends are listening to him and get them to listen to other uplifting stuff in his own unique way. Will you not have you not spread more love?

If Illuminati is real Hip Hop is too insignificant a part of society to concentrate on. If Illuminati is true then Hip Hop is just a battleground, a small one. The War is coming. If the enemy is advancing then it is imperative we completely understand what he is using (Hip Hop) and how he is using it to gain influence. Ignorance and innuendo will not do. Any mus-conceptualization of a particular phenomenon will lead to dismissal of any critique put forth that tries to show Illuminati influence in the same.

To critique Hip Hop you must first understand it. It is not just enough to see little bits and pieces of Illuminati in Hip Hop, you must bring out the whole piece. If one is bitten by a mosquito bite in bits n pieces then he becomes resistant to it. Perhaps the religious fanatics are playing into this. The more you try to discredit it without substantive evidence or knowledge of the phenomenon the more you make the fanatics of Hip Hop more fanatical and less likely to believe when substantive evidence finally comes out.

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